5 Gifts Your Bestie Will Love For Christmas

5 Gifts Your Bestie Will Love For Christmas

Hi friends! I decided it would be fun to put together a little guide for what gifts to get your bestie if you’re struggling with what to get her for Christmas! We have so many options at our store-front but I chose these as my favorites - Jess 

1) Clips:

Any girl loves a good hair clip! We pictured a few different ones we carry but my go-to are the metal clips because I think they are more dressy and I like to vamp up my outfit with them! The plastic hair clips are always a great option if you aren’t sure. We have all kinds of colors and different sizes too.

2) Blankets:

Soft and cozy is never a bad way to go with a gift! These blankets are already wrapped and ready for your bestie. We have a few different colors in these that will be great depending on what colors they like or what matches their home.


3) Slippers:

Another soft and cozy gift that has been a customer favorite! We have these slippers in 3 different colors and they are only $28!!! These slippers are perfect for any friend and they don't break the bank!


4) Farrah B Jewelry:

The everyday jewelry wearer needs anything Farrah B! This jewelry doesn’t tarnish and it is a great price. We have so many different options depending on what your bestie loves. 


5) Candle:

Last, but not least are these fun candles! They are fun AND smell amazing; something you can’t ever go wrong with giving your bestie.



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