From Boutique Daydreaming, To Blue Ryan Reality

From Boutique Daydreaming, To Blue Ryan Reality

Get to know Blue Ryan’s founder, Jessica, through a collection of fun questions that give a glimpse into the inspiration behind the Denison-based boutique!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey.

A: My name is Jessica and I’m the owner of Blue Ryan Boutique! I grew up in a small Texas town and I am currently married and living with my high school sweetheart with our 2 dogs. When I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2020 (the year of COVID, as we know) with my degree in Fashion Merchandising, I applied to so many jobs but very few places were hiring. That’s when it hit me: Why wait longer to open this dream business of mine? I took a leap and opened Blue Ryan in August of 2020 and the rest is history!

Q: What was the inspiration behind Blue Ryan and what are some of the struggles of being a business owner? 

A: The inspiration behind Blue Ryan was a few different things. The name is inspired by my middle name, Ryan, and, Blue, a significant color in my life. I have always wanted to be a business owner but wasn’t always sure what that would look like. When I was about 17, I began to fall in love with fashion and decided then that I wanted to own a boutique. 

I knew some of the challenges of being a business owner but didn’t realize how much I was taking on until I opened my own. There is so much that goes into owning a business that people have no clue about. One of the main challenges that I face as a retail owner are the ever-changing times. Social media and the economy, for example, are hard to keep up with! However, there are so many things I love about being a business owner that make it all worth it. Ultimately, I love seeing my visions come to life and the people I’ve met through it!

Q: Have you always been interested in fashion? 

A: Believe it or not, I wouldn’t say that I have always been interested in fashion! It all really began when I started to pay attention to my closet when I was about 17. One of the things I love about fashion is how you are able to express yourself and, at that age especially, I was really trying to find out who I was and trying to reflect that through my style. 

Q: How would you describe Blue Ryan’s style?

A: I would say Blue Ryan’s style is trendy and chic. We have prints and pieces in the store that you’re not likely to find everywhere. We also pride ourselves in having good quality products that you can wear multiple times. It is SO important to invest in your wardrobe!

Q: Who was your style icon growing up? 

A: My style icon over the past few years has been Blake Lively (gosh, who doesn’t have a girl crush on her!) It started with the fashion on Gossip Girl and I just followed her personal fashion ever since. Another favorite of mine is Hailey Bieber. Her style ranges from girly to tom-boy and I love it because mine does too! 

Q: What’s an upcoming trend that everyone needs to know about ASAP? 

A: Fall and holiday are right around the corner for us retailers (it also happens to be my favorite season!!) and I am seeing so many neon pieces and sparkles. The sparkles are making their way into pieces for fall, which is a bit surprising to me but we are now 2 years post-COVID so I think people are over the lounge-y items. Don’t get me wrong - lounge wear isn’t going anywhere but it is fun to step out of your wardrobe comfort zone and I think everyone is realizing that! My tip? Don’t be afraid to buy sparkles in August or September this year and follow us on Instagram @shopblueryan to find out how we’re styling them!

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